N100C - N100C Industrial Heavy Duty Coil Nailer

N100C - N100C Industrial Heavy Duty Coil Nailer
Features and Benefits

•  High-power engine drivers nails up to 4” in length.
•  Coil magazine holds up to 300 nails for high production applications.
•  Aluminum housing for jobsite durability.
•  Quick-open composite canister survives falls.

Product Details
Height 15.25", 387.35mm
Length 14.75", 374.65mm
Width 5.5625", 141.29mm
Weight 10.7 lbs, 4.85 kilos
Driving Power 475
Magazine Capacity 225-300
Power to Weight Ratio 126

  Wharfs, docks and boardwalks
•  Hardwoods and pressure treated lumber
Heavy duty pallets and crating
•  Heavy duty framing
•  Exterior decks and landscaping
•  Pole barns
•  Barriers and foundations