"Tug Tight" Pull-Tight Seals

One time use tamper evident pull-tight adjustable security seals. Allows the user to cinch-up the seal according to their specific size requirements.

Tug Tight Pull-Tight Seals
  • A heavy-duty, adjustable security seal designed for use on transportation and
    storage equipment or anywhere a multi-locking, tamper evident pull-tight security
    device is needed. Ideal for situations requiring varying seal lengths.
  • Heavy-duty, all plastic, one-piece construction.
  • Tamper-resistant acetal locking mechanism.
  • Weather resistant; withstands extremes of cold and heat.
  • Consecutively numbered.
  • Matted in strips of 10 for ease-of-use.


Description Color    Qty/
SE1001 9" "Tug Tight" Seals Green    100
SE1002 9" "Tug Tight" Seals Blue 100
SE1003 9" "Tug Tight" Seals Yellow 100
SE1004 9" "Tug Tight" Seals Red 100
SE1005 12" "Tug Tight" Seal Green 100
SE1006 12" "Tug Tight" Seal Blue 100
SE1007 12" "Tug Tight" Seal Yellow 100
SE1008 12" "Tug Tight" Seal Red 100
SE1009 15" "Tug Tight" Seals Green 100
SE1010 15" "Tug Tight" Seals Blue 100
SE1011 15" "Tug Tight" Seals Yellow 100
SE1012 15" "Tug Tight" Seals Red 100
SE1013 18" "Tug Tight" Seals Green 100
SE1014 18" "Tug Tight" Seals Blue 100
SE1015 18" "Tug Tight" Seals Yellow 100
SE1016 18" "Tug Tight" Seals Red 100